The Vampire Films That
Made The News in 2010

Feature article by Count Orlok

Here we are in a brand spanking new year, so we felt it appropriate to have a look back at all the films, reviews and stories that we've been talking about over the last twelve months, and see just which vampire films have been making the most news in 2010.

It's our mission to bring you news, gossip, reviews, features and anything we find around the web or in the world's press. As long as it's about a vampire film and we find it interesting, amazing or amusing, we tell you about it.

So here's our film by film run down of every story we've posted over the whole of 2010. Over 200 vampire films, some great, some not so great, but all of them newsworthy. So we'll start with those hot, hot films that everyone's been writing, tweeting and reading about and end with those obscure, old or unfashionable films which only managed a poor single mention.

These are the vampire films that made VAMPIRE FILM NEWS in 2010.

1st Place
(72 mentions)
It was no surprise to discover the film we've given you most stories about over the last 12 months was TWILIGHT.

Although several years old by now TWILIGHT made such a stir on the vampire film scene, for reasons both good and bad, that it's still the vampire film the media uses to compare all others to.
With such an enormous fan following there's so many websites and newspapers publishing their Robert Pattinson tittle-tattle that we could have given you a dozen TWILIGHT links and stories every day. We decided not to, as that would be insane!

Additionally the TWILIGHT sequels also each got a healthy amount of mentions with 24 for BREAKING DAWN, 12 for NEW MOON and 14 for ECLIPSE.

That's 122 mentions we've given to the TWILIGHT franchise, from box office statistics and film reviews from all over the world, to speculation on the films yet to come and frankly more than you'd ever need to know about what Robert Pattinson eats for Breakfast and what card games the lighting crew play on set!

Love it or hate it, TWILIGHT was the most newsworthy vampire film of the year. The first of our readers to review it obviously hated it. See what he had to say about it and add your comments here

2nd Place
(55 mentions)
Let Me In
The atmospheric Swedish horror LET THE RIGHT ONE IN was by far the biggest non-English language vampire film of recent years, so many saw it as innevitable that an American remake would be announced.

Fans considered the Swedish film perfect and poured scorn on the idea that the USA could do justice to an Americanized copy. But although LET THE RIGHT ONE IN performed incredibly well as an underground hit in many countries, the film makers knew that the bulk of America had no desire to read subtitles in a foreign film, so the American version would be commercially attractive.

The American remake with the snappier title of LET ME IN was pushed into production, with horror and movie websites around the world overheating with fan discussions, which we dug out and duly reported to you, like the good vampire film news service that we are. When LET ME IN was finally released, reviewers everywhere decided finally that the film was actually especially good and shuffled in embarrassement at their earlier scornful speculation.

We found you 55 mentions, reviews, discussions and headlines over the year for LET ME IN, which makes it, quite rightly, our second most mentioned vampire film of the year.

3rd Place
(53 mentions)
The Vampires of Bloody Island
British vampire comedy THE VAMPIRES OF BLOODY ISLAND had, as is usual for independents without the deep advertising pockets of Hollywood, passed by barely noticed at the cinema.
But once released on DVD in the UK in January to enthusiastic reviews, word of mouth of the film's hilarious characters, story and sheer entertainment value began to spread around the web like fresh comedy air, quickly escalating to give DVD label The Weird World of Wibbell a strong cult hit on it's hands.

As the year progressed the web burned with fan reviews and recommendations piling on the films cult status and the DVD was rolled out in the USA, Canada, Australia and around the world.

We picked up on the buzz and gave you 53 stories, reviews and mentions about THE VAMPIRES OF BLOODY ISLAND we'd found around the web and in print, even inviting the film's creator comedy actor Allin Kempthorne to write an article for our website.

If this hilarious cult vampire film has passed you by, you really should put that right. Check it out now at

4th Place
(28 mentions)
True Blood
At number four and our highest ranking TV series, The HBO hit vampire series TRUE BLOOD built on the vampire romance that had captured the public's imagination with TWILIGHT but gave their stories and characters what the Edward Cullen films lacked: bloody violence, hard sex, drug addicts, dangerous religious fundamentalists, alcoholic sheriffs and the dirty underside of Louisiana life, but with riveting, exciting and sexy stories which has seen this TV series quickly spread around the world gaining a massive fan following.

With an explosive naked and blood splattered picture on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine, this all means that throughout 2010 we were able to give you 28 articles, features and comments on TRUE BLOOD.

The next highest ranking TV series was THE VAMPIRE DIARIES for which we uncovered 22 stories for you throughout the year.

So here's the full list of every mention of every vampire
film, book or TV series which we wrote about for you last year:

72 mentions: Twilight see more
55 mentions: Let Me In
53 mentions: The Vampires of Bloody Island see more
28 mentions: True Blood
24 mentions: Twilight: Breaking Dawn
22 mentions: The Vampire Diaries
16 mentions: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
14 mentions:

Twilight: Eclipse
12 mentions: Twilight: New Moon
11 mentions: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
10 mentions:

Let The Right One In
Fright Night
9 mentions:

Lesbian Vampire Killers
Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl
Interview With The Vampire
8 mentions:

Being Human
7 mentions:

The Lost Boys see more
Stake Land
Doctor Who: Vampires of Venice
6 mentions:

Shadowland see more
Vampire Circus see more
Dark Shadows
Blood: The Last Vampire
5 mentions:

Bikini Vampire Babes
Vampires Suck
30 days of Night
Atom Age Vampire
Countess Dracula
Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Undead
4 mentions:

American Vampires
The Sanguarian
Vampire Sisters
I Kissed a Vampire
Midnight Son
3 mentions:

Vamp see more
Pray For Dawn
The Last Vampire
Blood Soldiers
Shadow of the Vampire
Afraid of Sunrise
The Vampires Assistant
The Devil's Gravestone
I Am Legend
Eternal Vigilance
Santo Vs The Vampire Women
Not Like Others
Vampire Mob
The Vampire in the Hole
Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter
American Vampire
2 mentions:

Vampires: The Turning
Queen of the Damned
Van Helsing
The Vampire Bat
Son of Dracula
Epitaph: Bread and Salt
Blood and Roses
Space Vampire
The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires
Dracula Year Zero
I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle
Dracula Has Risen From The Grave
Vampire Diary
The Lost Boys: The Thirst
Vampire Guardian Angel
Blood Ties
Southern Gothic
Vampire Academy
Daylight Fades
Kiss of the Vampire
The Bare Breasted Countess
Billy The Kid and the Green Baize Vampire
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
Dracula Dead And Loving It
Black Dagger Brotherhood
Graveyard Shift
1 mention:

The Temptress
G String Vampire
A Film Involving A Vampire
The Last Vampire On Earth
Al Crepuscolo
My Best Friend is a Vampire
Vampire In Vegas
Burning Souls
Vampire Knight
Mr Darcy, vampyre
Cry Little Sister
Club Vampire
Conceived and Condemned to Darkness
LA Sucks
Little Shop of Horrors
Les Debts de la Nuit
Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride
Mr Vampire
The Legend of Glory
Vampire Lovers
Dracula 3D
Dracula 4D
Daughters of Darkness
Like It Rough
La Vampire
Duffy The Vampire Slayer
The Countess
The Fearless Vampire Killers
Razor Blade Smile
Vampire Lovers
Shower of Blood see more
Renfield The Undead
An Erotic Vampire in Paris
Woody Allen: Vampire Lord of Bananas
The Scars of Dracula
The Harsh Light of Day
Andy Warhole's Dracula
The Perfect Breed
The Vampire Show
Kiss The Abyss
Bordello Of Blood
Job Interview With A Vampire
Vampire Journals
Count Duckula
Vampire Sucks
Vampire In Union City
Blade: Trinity
The Last Man on Earth
Blood, Bone and China
Reign In Darkness
The Death of Alice Blue
Robo Vampire
Blood and Donuts
Transylvania 6-5000
Night of the Vampire
Love Bites
Third Shift
The Vampire
The Omega Man
Nosferatu in Venice
Blood Oath
Vampire Hunter D
Babes in Blood
The Lair of the White Worm
The Woman In Black
Vampire Mistress
Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers
We Are The Night
Nowhere left To Run
Near Dark
Twilight Dinner
The reflecting Skin
Vampire Cross
Vampire Cop Ricki
Party Girl
Grave Danger
Road Less Travelled 3
Innocent Blood
Wir Sind Die Nacht
Sampson Vs The Vampire Women
The Crossing of Tomas
The Vampire Lestat
Snow Angel
Smoke and Mirrors
Vampire Zombies from Outer Space
Scream Blacula Scream
The Martyrdom of Madeline Slezak
Tex: Vampire Hunter
The Fall
Vampire Squid
The Hunger
Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire

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