Hammer star Ingrid Pitt dies aged 73

Feature article by David Fellner

Countess Dracula
Ingrid Pitt in Countess Dracula

Sad news for all Hammer fans as a nail has been delt in the coffin of The Golden Age of British Vampire Films. Hammer legend Ingrid Pitt has died, aged 73.

Ingrid Pitt had a difficult start in life in Nazi occupied Poland, at the age of 5 being inferred in a Nazi concentration camp at a time when many Jewish children didn't survive. She later escaped to England where she became one of the most iconic figures of the Hammer age, dubbed The Queen of Horror for carving a name for herself in such classic films as Countess Dracula, The Vampire Lovers, The House That Dripped Blood and The Wicker Man.

In recent years she has been a highly popular regular at Horror Conventions where she always made the time to meet and chat with as many of her vast fan following as she could.

Ever devoted to her fans, she was making her way to a dinner held in her honor when she collapsed on a South London street. She died in hospital on November 23rd 2010.

Her daughter Staffanie Pitt said in a statement "It was heart trouble. She had a couple of bad years, health-wise, but she had fought through. Anyone who knew my mother would say she was incredibly feisty and determined to make a good fist of everything she wanted to do."

Ingrid Pitt released her fascinating autobiography Life's a Scream in 1999.

RIP Ingrid Pitt. Gone, but never ever forgotten.
David Fellner
The Vampire Lovers
Ingrid Pitt in The Vampire Lovers

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